FeelFree Lure 11.5 Review

Are you looking for a comfortable, stable and versatile best fishing kayak? The new FeelFree Lure 11.5 kayak will offer you just that and much more. It comes with an incredible gravity seat which provides great comfort and gives you many options of adjustment.

The kayak’s design is magnificent with a huge capacity in mind. If you are looking for a kayak to take you in to the wild waters of open seas, rivers and inland lakes, then this kayak is the best for you.

In this FeelFree Lure 11.5 Review you will get some of the features and benefits of kayak.

  • Versatile for all your kayaking needs
  • Multi-purpose and removable gravity seat
  • Offers great comfort
  • Offers great comfort
  • Light weight at just 74 pounds
  • Sturdy and designed to last for long
  • Has a padded standing platform to allow you to cast while sitting or standing
  • The Uni-track system allows only compatible accessories

One of the most remarkable features of the FeelFree Lure 11.5 kayak is the gravity seat which is also a multi-purpose seat. This seat is highly adjustable up to every inch and style of preference. You can also remove the seat to fish while standing.

To ensure maximum safety, the seat has braces which will keep you secure in the waters. The seat is also wide enough to give you enough space to fish while sitting and even paddle at the same time.

The cushions on the seat provide back support which allows you to fish for long hours without experiencing back pain. If you are camping, you can still use this seat outside in your camping area to enjoy the comfort even more.

The Lure 11.5 measures eleven feet and six inches long and 36 inches wide. This provides enough space for storage and carrying capacity.

This Kayak can carry up to 425 lbs. which actually is a very huge capacity considering this is just a quarter shy of a ton.

The uni-track system is a useful feature that allows you to mount all your fishing equipment and accessories safely in to the kayak. The paddle keeper provides a suitable place to mount the paddle when you don’t feel like fishing any more.

It is also suitable in holding the paddle when you are in the deep waters and therefore keeps it safe and secure. You can also mount your fishing rod to the uni-track system to keep it safe.

The paddle keeper and the uni-track system ensure that you have a smooth fishing experience with everything in the right place when you don’t necessarily need to use them.

This allows easy transportation of the kayak to your favorite spot for fishing and comes along with an oval shaped hatch which covers the hinge and is easy to use by simply opening when you need to access the hull.

The Lure is designed with convenience in mind with the location of every equipment strategically place to provide ample storage space. It also allows for easy access, for example the center console is well placed.

If you have your drinks on-board, there is a convenient place to hold them. With the Lure 11.5, the problem of fish storage is solved with a designated area for putting the fish.

Q: How adjustable is the seat, because I am a bit tall and I have had to struggle with previous kayaks with a less adjustable seat?

A: The FeelFree Lure 11.5 is designed with that in mind and that’s why it comes with a fully adjustable gravity seat which regardless of your height, you can adjust it by simply using the levers.

The seat is also removable in case you want to fish while standing so you get all the space that you need.

Q: How stable is this kayak?

A: This kayak is absolutely stable. The design is made as to increase stability while balancing everything on board. You can use this kayak in all types of waters and still get absolute comfort and stability.

The Lure 11.5 is a magnificent piece of equipment designed for all those who love fishing in a kayak. Its level of comfort is second to none, and the value it offers is almost unimaginable.

With this kayak, you can be sure to get the most of your kayaking experience. It is versatile and offers you a wide range of options when it comes to convenience and user friendliness.