Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review

Do you enjoy fishing? Are you seeking for the best fishing kayak? Then ocean kayak prowler 13 review is a worth consideration.

Designed specifically for fishing purposes, the kayak is built with an easily accessible hatch and an internal storage for the fishing rods. Whether fishing in rough or cool waters, it is easy to navigate through all waters.

You do not have to worry of where to stash your catch. With a well-designed oversize tank, you can easily store coolers and crates holding the fish.

Weighing only 54 pounds, this is easy to carry along to any fishing location of choice. In this quick Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review, let me discuss the perks this kayak offers to us.

  • Easy to control and navigate in all waters.
  • Adequate storage space for fishing gear and fish caught.
  • Its stability makes it safer
  • Cheaper when compared to other models
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Too slow to be used for racing.
  • The latch opens with difficulties.
  • Too narrow for a tall person

This Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 review is going to represent some fantastic feature analyses of this kayak to make your kayaking and fishing experiences worthwhile.

When out in the waters, stability is important. This not only ensures you are able to maneuver through the areas you need to cover but also enhances your safety.

It comes in a design that easily maneuvers through clam and rough waters and is not prone to effects of wind. When fully loaded, it sits better in the waters and is much easier to control. However, its control supersedes all the other kayaks.

Though weighing only 54 pounds, the kayak has capacity to handle almost 10 times its weight. It weight makes it easy to load and unload from any vehicle giving convenience on any fishing trip.

The maximum recommended weight is 450 pounds enough to handle your weight, fishing gear and the catch. This comes alongside clearly designed storage space that ensures weight is always evenly distributed for better performance of the kayak in any waters.

It is an ideal solution for big people who fear using most of the kayaks for fear of drowning alongside the catch they make in the waters.

Measuring 160 x 28 x 16 inches, the kayaks size is ideal for any adult individual. It is easy to sit and paddle the kayak without strains trying to reach the edges.

You also do not require to undergo other expenses creating room for storage. Its ideal size makes it easy to find space even within the garage where the kayak can fit properly.

This also applies when ferrying the kayak to and from the fishing site. It is important to ensure that the load carried on the kayak dos not exceed the maximum limit to reduce chances of drowning.

When going fishing, you require to carry along the fishing gear. After making the catch, this added load also requires storage space.

We reviewed through Ocean kayak prowler 13 review and got clear that, it has adequate storage space that includes the front hatch that acts as an internal storage for the rods and other fishing gear.

A rear oversize tank creates more space where crates and coolers can be stored to handle the fish caught during the exercise. This should be irrespective of whether the storage spaces are fully occupied or not.

While fishing or in the instance of paddling through rough waters, chances of water getting into the kayak are high. This not only increases the weight of the kayak but as well chances of drowning.

With the self-draining scuppers, this water is easily drained out without need for you to engage in extra exercise of scooping the water out.

This makes the fishing exercise hassle free and more so gives more confidence that risk of drowning is reduced.

Q. My weight is 300 pounds, can I use the Kayak safely?

A. The kayak can handle weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. This means your weight is far below the minimum. Ensure your gear and fish you carry along does not pass this threshold.

Q. Can I bring a partner during fishing?

A. The Kayak is designed for individual use with no room for two persons. Hence, you cannot fish with a partner in the same kayak.

Q. How safe is the kayak in winds and waves?

A. The stability of the Kayak makes it easy to ride through waves. It is fitted with self-draining scuppers that get rid of any water getting into the kayak during the waves.

Fishing is a traditional practice practiced as a sport or form of livelihood. To practice fishing you need to have a perfect vessel. Ocean kayak prowler 13 review gives you the great advantages of owning this great vessel. Its performance is great and safety reliable.