Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review

Want thrill in fishing? Need comfort and stabilityon water? Then, you require a good fishing kayak. With the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review you are going to get a clear outline on it.

Fishing and kayaking are among the most thrilling and exciting ancient arts in the world. Ironically, unlike most traditional practices, these two have never lost taste, and especially after the invention of better equipment and apparel, including high quality boats and kayaks.

In the present days, there are so many kayaks and boats in the market and choosing the best may prove to be a daunting task. The Old Town kayak manufacturers have beaten these odds by coming up with fishing and kayaking equipment that will ensure you have fun on any water body.

This Old Town Predator 13 Kayak review shows you in detail exactly how this kayak will cater for each and every of your kayaking and fishing needs as you enjoy every bit of your expeditions.

  • Easy to use as is has great storage and mounting options.
  • Safe to use as it comes with a slip-resistant deck and 8 scuppers for water drainage.
  • Very strong and durable, thanks to its design and build.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort, ease of use, convenience and easier storage.
  • Has a higher load weight limit.
  • Offers a larger onboard capacity for the paddler, his accessories and the day’s catch.
  • Accommodates only one paddler.

The Old Town Predator 13 Fishing Kayak has some significant features that make the kayak a desired one among a lot of kayak choices all over the markets. Here is the analyses of every feature under this Old Town Predator 13 Kayak review.

Measuring 158 inches in length, 34 inches wide and 20 inches high, the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is long, wide and large enough to glide through even the roughest water surfaces without being tipped.

Even better is the fact that it weighs 57.7 pounds which is enough to keep the kayak rock-steady yet light enough for you to easily carry it from one point to another.

This kayak’s size and weight is enough to accommodate a maximum load weight of 425 pounds which makes it suitable even for heavier adults.

For the sake of this kayak’s strength and durability, its hull’s single layer (shell) is made of LT900 Polyethylene material.

It also features the Tri-Hull design that gives the Predator 13 superior tracking and stability.

This makes it more durable and convenient to use on a wider variety of water surfaces without compromising the rider’s safety.

Its console designed for easier mounting and arrangement of your fishing accessories also features a Mod Pod cover for safety and durability.

Each part of this incredible machine is designed with durability and sturdiness in mind.

The Old Town Predator 13 features the Element Seating System which offers 3 seat positions as its manufacturers understand so well how fishing or kayaking while seated in one position can be hectic.

These 3 seat positions are for fishing, standing up and travelling. This ensures both comfort and convenience during your fishing venture. This seat is only enough for a single paddler meaning you can’t have company onboard.

It offers enough leg room of up to 52 inches for comfort and ease of sailing.

Rather than having to drill holes to tie your ropes and mount/fix your accessories, this kayak’s 6 mounting plates are designed to ensure incredible organization.

They are strategically placed and are very strong so as to hold even the most complex accessories in the best way possible.

With these, it gets easier to customize where exactly to have your fish finders, rod holders, GPS and slide tracks placed without wastage of space.

It also helps keep the inside of the kayak neat and organized hence making access to tools easier and faster.

Q: Does the Predator 13 come with a paddle?

A: If you pay $1399, you will be given a paddle, a paddle leash, one rod holder and also mounting hardware for that rod holder.

Q: What colors does it come in?

A: This kayak comes in 4 color schemes including Camo, Urban Camo, Lime Camo and Black Cherry.

The Old Town Predator is rich with superb features that make your whole fishing experience a memorable one.

From the unmatched mounting and placement options for your accessories and catch, the Predator 13 puts everything in good order ensuring easier and faster access to whatever tool is needed at each particular time.

While onboard, both the paddler and his fishing gear are safe from drowning as this kayak has an anti-slip rack and tank well. Though quite highly priced, the advantages this kayak offers its user are more than enough for the price.

It is definitely the best machine for anyone in love with water activities including fishing. This is all about the Old Town Predator 13 kayak review. Good luck for you.