Pelican Summit 100x Kayak Review

Are you a kayaking enthusiast looking for an ergonomically designed kayak? Or, one that is comfortable and safe for use for a beginner or an expert? Pelican summit 100x kayak is your ideal type of kayak.

So, your concentration on the pelican summit 100x kayak review is a must.

This elegant kayak from the renowned Pelican manufacturers has got it all in one package. Comfort, safety, portability, stability and great tracking.

The ten-foot kayak features a sleek design that makes for great maneuverability and impeccable performance. You definitely want to know what’s more in store for you, this is well handled in this comprehensive pelican summit 100x kayak review.

  • Very portable
  • Adequate storage space
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great stability
  • Easy to track
  • Accommodates people of different heights
  • A bottle holder to carry a drink
  • Light weight hence easy to carry
  • No watertight storage for delicate items such as phones, cameras etc.
  • Doesn’t have a lip to fit a spray skirt

The kayak consists of meticulously designed features that contribute to its overall great performance.

The kayak features a well-built hull from Ram-X materials. Though a sleek design, it never compromises on the interior space. Ram-X material is a high quality material that guarantees sturdiness and durability.

This is necessary because everyone needs a kayak that can be used for a long time and does not get damaged easily. The hull is a v-chine design making the kayak shallow which adds to its stability hence making it safe for beginners.

In addition, the hull features strong handles that make it easy to transport the kayak.

On a single glance, this sleek kayak may be dismissed as having a small storage space. On the contrary, Pelican Summit 100x Kayak offers ample storage space.

It comes with a spacious storage hatch with a flexible bungee cord enough to accommodate all your gear. Also, the kayak features a built-in cockpit table that is fitted with a bottle holder where you can place your beverages.

You can carry your favorite juice, soda or water and sip it comfortably as you continue with the adventure.

Sometimes offshore escapades can take longer than expected and can be extremely tiring. The last thing you would wish for in such an episode is an additional fatigue from a poorly equipped kayak.

Pelican has labored to see this never happens by fitting a comfortable seat pad and a freely adjustable, padded back rest. This is to serve all your comfort needs onshore and ensure that you can paddle for as long as you can without tiring easily.

We found drain plug through pelican summit 100x kayak review as a very important feature of this kayak. You will find yourself using from time to time.

While out there in the water, there isn’t much you can do to prevent water from getting into the kayak. However, you need a feature to ensure that, despite the in-gushing water the kayak remains afloat.

The drain plug allows you to empty the kayak of any water hence prevent the risk of sinking. The drain plug is well guarded to prevent it from giving way easily and allowing water into the kayak.

Q. What’s the maximum carrying capacity?

A. 250 pounds

Q. Is it ideal for use on big rivers and rough waters?

A. No. It’s limited for use in medium rivers, lakes or pods.

Q. How many plugs does it have?

A. One drain plug.

Pelican Summit 100x Kayak review clears it that, this kayak is a great value for your money. Stylish design, a durable material, ample storage space, stability and comfort all make up for an incredible kayak.

The kayak can be used by both the beginners and the seasoned kayakers. The v-chine hull guarantees adequate stability so that no one is locked out from this exciting sport.

The bottle holder makes it possible for you to carry a drink offshore so that you do not get dehydrated on a sunny day.

There is no doubt that this kayak is a great tool, it will make your kayaking experience worthwhile.