Sea Eagle 370 Review

Are you seeking for the best boating experience? Do you want a boat you can carry along with ease during your vacations? Sea eagle 370 review provides with the best answers to these much more questions.

A product of Sea eagle boat manufacturers, it offers benefits that include ease of use as well as ability to handle more weight. With capacity to carry more two passengers, it is an ideal boat for water sporting and fishing among other activities.

Some of the great features that make the boat stand out include.

  • Stable to ride in any waters
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry along.
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Its design makes it easy to enter and exit.
  • A self-drain allows for easy removal of excess waters in the Kayak
  • Comes with no ropes to tie down the gear and any cargo you might be carrying.
  • Its lightweight makes it prone to effects of the wind while in the waters.

This Sea Eagle 370 review is going to represent some fantastic feature analyses of this kayak to make your kayaking and fishing experiences worthwhile.

Sea eagle 370 comes in an ideal size measuring an exterior length of 12’2” and width 2’10”. The interiors of the Kayak measure in dimensions of 10’8” length and 1’1” width.

This creates adequate space for two passengers and some light load. The space is also adequate for any installations within the boat.

That includes fixtures such as the paddles among others. When riding alone, it is possible to remove one of the seats to create more room for extra cargo making it more convenient.

The Kayak has an ideal weight that makes it possible to tag along during any of your travels. Weighing only 32 lbs, the boat is light to carry in a backpack while hiking to the beach or on your way home.

This means you do not require a truck to help with the load. With ability to handle up to 160 lbs it means you can easily ride along with a partner without risking capsizing owing to heavy weight.

This is alongside giving room for lightweight that makes it an ideal fishing vessel.

Using sea eagle Kayak is made better by ability to assemble and disassemble with ease. Assembling involves among others pumping air into the kayak through use of a foot pump provided with the boat on purchase.

After using the boat, it is easy to remove the air, fold it up and pack in the bag provided at purchase. Pumping time is little unless there is an underlying problem with the boat or the pump.

In the event of a malfunction, a repair kit is also provided with DIY instructions hence no need for a technician.

Sea eagle 370 is created of strong and durable materials with ability to withstand strong waters and effects of corrosion. The boats material includes 33 mils extra thick PolyKrylar.

PolyKrylar cannot be easily corroded by strong waters, winds and it’s hard to puncture. This is alongside an I-Beam construction floor that helps the kayak maintain its boat shape and as well improve on its rigidity.

It is these materials that enhance the guarantee provided on purchase of the boat that may extended to a period of 3 years.

We have found by this Sea Eagle 370 review that, on purchase, the boat comes ready to use. With the boat a range of accessories are provided alongside an instruction sheet on how to set-up and use the boat.

Accessories provided include paddles that are used to rive and maneuver the boat in the waters, two seats that are fitted to the boat when intending to use, a foot pump to feed the boat with air before embarking on a sea ride and a storage bag.

The only important accessory lacks in the package and the only extra one that might be required before using the boat.

Q. Is it safe to ride in the Kayak with a pet?

A: The strong material used in creation of the boat makes it almost impossible for pets to puncture. However, when it happens, this can be easily repaired using the patch kit.

Q. How does one ensure the seats face the right direction?

A: under the Kayak there is a rudder. To ensure your seats are in the right direction, fix them facing away from the rudder.

Q. Is it possible to carry three people on the Kayak?

A. Though not recommended, it’s possible as long as the weight of the three does not exceed the maximum weight the boat can handle. It is important also to ensure they seat in a balanced manner like having the third person sit on the floor at the middle of the boat.

When you acquire a Kayak, it is important to ensure that you always keep and ride it safely. It is with such that you will enjoy the services for which you bought the boat.

When all precautions are observed through the Sea Eagle 370 review, then we must say that it’s a both worth more than its cost.