Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Review

Are you seeking for a great fishing experience? Do you look forward to a great adventure in the waters? Then Sevylor inflatable kayak review is a precise guideline.

Created with light and durable material, it is easy to carry along and gives you the best service for a long time.

With a carrying capacity of two passengers, the boat provides a chance to enjoy the adventure with a partner making the experience more enjoyable.

Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Review provides an insight into this great inflatable boat.

  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and store.
  • Comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to carry around.
  • Durable with a lifespan extending to more than five years.
  • Available at a convenient cost of $149.99 hence worth more than its value.
  • It light weight makes it difficult to control in strong winds.
  • The paddles provided do not last long hence extra cost of replacement after only few times of use.
  • Its interior is not so large hence might not be ideal for persons who are taller than 5’4″.

This Sevylor Inflatable Kayak review is going to represent some fantastic feature analyses of this kayak to make your kayaking and fishing experiences worthwhile. Among the key things to look out for in this boat includes:

When going out fishing, it is easy to carry the kayak along. When deflated, packing is easily done by folding the kayak and stashing it into the carrying bag.

It is fitted with a fast valve that makes it easy to inflate and deflate the boat when need arises. The hand pump is better used to inflate the boat while the foot pump does a good job in deflating before packing.

Inflating and deflating the boat takes approximately 10 minutes hence no time is wasted.

With dimensions of 10.4 x 2.9 ft, the kayak has adequate space to carry two passengers leaving room for light luggage.

The interior of the boat holds two seats with the rear one fixed and one around the middle which is removable.

If you are travelling in the waters alone, the middle seat can be removed to create extra room for cargo.

With light people the kayak can carry a third passenger sitting on the floor between the two seats. Its load, however, should not exceed 400 lbs.

Sevylor adventure paddles are provided for use in paddling. These are ideal in driving the boat and navigating through the waters.

A tracking fin is also provided with the boat and this makes controls much easier.

However, learning to steer the boat without the tracking fin is recommended as this give better experience to handle the boat if they malfunction.

Paddles provided for this purpose may either be split paddles or one piece paddles.

The material used in construction of the boat is strong and durable. Extra thick polykrylar a material that is strong enough to withstand waves and corrosion is used in its construction.

To make the floor of the boat stronger and ensure that it maintains its shape, an I-beam is installed this also enables the boat to sit properly in the waters when riding.

To ensure that the lifespan of the boat is enhanced, it is important to always ensure the boat is dried completely after taking a ride in the waters and before storage.

It’s written not because the sake of this sevylor inflatable kayak review, but it’s the truth.

When there are damages such as scratches or other defects, you do not require to seek help from professionals. A simple to use repair kit is provided on purchase.

This contains among other things the patch kit that comes in handy to seal any openings that maybe letting out air after inflation.

Setup and repair instructions are also made available on purchase and this equips with the knowledge required for the purpose.

This is a DIY process make it more efficient and improves on safety.

Q. Can you ride the Kayak without the tracking fin?

A.The tracking fin is provided to ease control but not a basic necessity while riding.

Q. Can I ride with my two children in the Kayak?

A. It’s possible to ride with two children. However, it is important to ensure the weight is evenly distributed and does not exceed 400 lbs.

Q. What happens if you store the Kayak without drying?

A. While storing the boat without drying may not cause any actual damage, it lead to development of molds.

If you have read the Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Review, you must be clear that, whether for fun or adventure, Sevylor inflatable kayak comes as a perfect kayak choice. It’s safe to handle and use.

It is important however to observe caution and ensure the boat is inspected for leaks and any other damage before riding to the waters. This not only makes it safer but as well ensures that any defect is repaired early enough.