Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak Review

Are you great fun of kayaking and would want to try your hand at it? Or, are you already a seasoned kayaker?

If that’s so, I can guarantee that you will not help it but develop a predilection for Sun dolphin journey kayak. Its great design with awesome features that will revolutionize your kayaking experience.

It is light and has great maneuverability on water. Has been fashioned to give you great comfort so that you can concentrate easily on tracking your way on water tirelessly.

This Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak Review is also outfitted for carrying out fishing excursions with a swivel and two flush mounts for holding fishing rods.

  • Can be used for both fishing and kayaking.
  • Strong and durable material.
  • You can fit paddlers of any size because you can adjust the foot braces.
  • Padded seat enhances one’s comfort.
  • Very portable because of its light weight.
  • Maneuvers and tracks easily on water yet very stable.
  • The retractable handles make it easy to carry the kayak
  • Can be used in rivers, lakes and even oceans.
  • Dry storage is ideal for carrying cellphones and other gadgets.
  • Has thigh pads that guarantee more comfort and protection.
  • It’s self-bailing.
  • Easily lets water in because there are no plugs for the scuppers
  • Does not have a bottom seat.
  • Not ideal for fishing or kayaking while standing.

This Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak Review is going to represent some fantastic features of this kayak to make your kayaking and fishing experiences worthwhile.

The kayak has a spacious comfortable sitting area to ensure that you enjoy kayaking and fishing experience maximally. Allows you take a take a posture in which you can fish and kayak effortlessly.

The padded seat supports your back and makes sure you do not get hurt. This implies that you can fish and kayak for a long time without tiring easily.

In addition, it has an open cockpit to allow easy entry and exit. Allows you to escape easily in case the kayak capsizes.

The kayak comes with two flush-mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder. This makes it unique compared to other kayaks so far understood through Sun Dolphin journey kayak review.

Also, it comes with fishing rods as accessories. This makes it possible for you to use the kayak for fishing as well.

The holders are well positioned making it easy to access the rods during fishing. With this, you do not need to buy a fishing boat.

This kayak features a portable accessory carrier that makes it possible for one to carry extra load for example, all the fishing gear you need and any other loads, within the kayak’s carrying capacity of 250 pounds.

You need not to be limited as to what you can and not carry. This is how it works, you detach the portable accessory container to create room on the deck, put the luggage in the PAC and then tow it behind the kayak on a stern line.

Therefore, you can comfortably carry your catch after fishing to the shore.

The Kayak is made of High density polyethylene stabilized on UV. This is a strong material which guarantees the durability of the kayak.

It does not break easily even when it hits against rocks during kayaking or fishing. Polyethylene material is also light which makes the kayak light weight- weighs 41 pounds, a great quality that enhances the kayak’s portability.

Because, it can easily be carried single handedly. Polyethylene is also easy to wash and keep clean.

This kayak offers what you many not find with other kayaks of its size. That is, the dry storage chamber or compartment.

This compartment allows you to carry your waterproof gadgets without running a risk of them getting waterlogged. A unique feature indeed.

Therefore, when going kayaking on sun dolphin do not be afraid of carrying your cell phone or watch or any gadget you feel you will be in need of.

Q: Does the kayak come with a paddle(s) on purchase?

A: No. The paddles are purchased separately.

Q: Can I use it on white water?

A: No. The kayak is not made white water.

Sun dolphin journey is in a class of its own. It is a great value for your money. With it you kill two birds with one stone. Sun Dolphin journey kayak review clearly shows, you can use it for kayaking and also for fishing.

It can be carried easily and conveniently owing to its lightweight and the carrying handles. Offers you a convenient way to store your gadgets and other waterproof materials, in the dry storage.

For a kayak of its size, its tracking and maneuverability on water is top notch and with great stability. With its PAC, it makes it possible for you to store or carry extra loads without compromising your comfort.

This is great kayak worth every dollar on its price tag.