Generally, a good fishing kayak should be stable, lightweight and comfortable to use. I had used three recreational boats when out for fishing and paddling before I found the wilderness systems Pungo 120.

Thereafter, I had to conduct an in-depth research about them a number of kayaks to find out one that could give me a nice paddling experience.

Does the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 tick all the boxes of a good boat? I have prepared a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 review for you below to ascertain whether it does.

Read on to find out. I’m confident, you will get the kayak worthy and perfect reading the wilderness systems pungo 120 review.

 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Review


  • It has an impressive stability in water.
  • The comfort that is produced by the well-designed padding keeps you comfortable and fit as you paddle.
  • It is light weight and you surely don’t need a weightlifter to take it in and out of the water. It is simply easy to carry around.


  • It is a little expensive. However, the boat lives to its expectation. No one frowns when an expensive boat delivers to their expectations.

Features Of Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

This Wilderness Systems Ppungo 120 review is going to represent some fantastic feature analyses of this kayak to make your kayaking and fishing experiences worthwhile.

Large Spacious Cockpit

This makes it incredibly easy for you to get in and out of the kayak. Moreover, it provides an extra space for you to shift about when in the Pungo.

More room can be obtained thanks to the existence of a removable kayak console in the boat. Therefore, there is a great sense of convenience when you are in the cockpit.

Consequently, you find it so easy and enjoyable to carry on with your paddling exercise. Wilderness systems pungo 120 review shows it very clearly.

Slide Lock Foot Brace System

The system is easy to use the comfort ability enhances both thigh and knee paddling. This actually keeps the Pungo 120 moving at a high speed.

The boat can move at a speed of between 4 -7 mph when the winds are as at 30 mph. Additionally, the paddling is made worryingly easy given the fact that there is a multi-chine hull that is efficient.

This maximizes your comfort and stability regardless on which level of paddling you are. Comfortable seat and seat back – the two are constructed with padding of different densities.

Actually, the padding is contoured to mimic your body shape and ensures more ventilation for you. This ensures that there is more padding in specific places than there is in parts where it is less required.

The seat has leg lifters with a soft edge that alleviates pressure and prevents your legs from going numb.

There is also a Phase 3 Air-pro sitting system that allows 6-way adjustment for your sitting position and this ensures that all around you is comfort as you paddle.

Full-Size Stern

This is a good fishing kayak as the boat has a watertight stern that is large. This supplements the space that every paddler could require.

It doesn’t matter whether you are out touring or for your fishing outings. There is enough room for your packed lunch and one or two clothes that you may be willing to carry.

If space is not enough for your belongings, the bungee deck rigging in the kayak offers you respite. You can easily secure the dry bags that you have in this additional space.

Soft-Touch Carry Handles

They have been constructed using a soft rubber. It is no doubt the reason why I find it easy to carry to and from the water.

Coupled with the fact that the padding material is lightweight and it is used efficiently, the whole recreational body is light.

You find it comfortable to lift and it actually saves you time and energy after a tiresome paddling exercise.

Side view of Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I notice that Pungo 120 has only one bungy in the front deck. Is it going to be that way for my new kayak?

A: Yes. However, you can easily change that condition once you have acquired it. All you need is to add another one and your boat will look as nice as all standard boats you have known.

Q: In which kind of waters is the Pungo 120 usable?

A: The boat is good in a variety of waters. You can use it comfortably in calm water, shallow waters and rough waters. It works perfectly in those conditions and can incredibly endure waves. If you want to know more, check the link for the recreational boat.

Final Thought

It is clear from this wilderness systems pungo 120 review that the Pungo 120 ticks all boxes since it is stable, light and comfortable to use.

The boat has impressive balance and can give you the best speed on a long day fishing tour. There is no problem with the storage space because that is what the kayak is known for.

If asked to recommend a fine boat, then the Pungo 120 is my pick. No hesitation at all.